• Amanda Pizzoferrato

Why Mindfully Manda?

You can't heal your body until you heal your mind first

Often we see photos on our feed of bright smiling faces. While these photos may show a happy person on the outside, they don’t always truly depict what the person is feeling on the inside. We tend to highlight the positive parts of our lives on our social media pages rather than share the raw and vulnerable part of our beings.

When people see this photo of me, they might say “wow she looks so happy, healthy, and confident.” But if you know me well, you know that I’ve been struggling with finding happiness. That deep down I feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious, hopeless, exhausted, confused. Constant desire to sleep, body aches, secluding myself from ones that I love, feeling like I could cry at any moment. Asking myself, is this how my body will feel the rest of my life again? When will I ever feel like myself again?

Since my diagnosis, I have been putting the blame of these feelings and symptoms only on my diagnosis of Lyme Disease. But after taking time to really dive deep into my mind over just the past few months through therapy, journaling, and mediation, I have realized that my mental health has been hindering my healing. That the culprit of how my body is reacting is not just from my Lyme Disease, but also from the way I am speaking to myself. Letting negative thinking, anxiety, stress, perfectionism, and OCD control my life. Don’t get me wrong... my Lyme Disease symptoms are real. But the way I have been thinking has only been exacerbating my symptoms and not allowing my body to heal.

For the past few years, I have been letting Lyme Disease bring me down and have lost myself along the way. So from this day forward, I have vowed to myself to be mindful of my thoughts, slow down and rest, and to embrace my Lyme Disease and journey to heal. To really ask myself in the moment, is the way I am thinking really helping me get the results I want?

I made this account to share my story and help teach what I learn about mindfulness in hopes to help others who are hurting as well. It takes A LOT of work to heal and I know that is going to continue to be a struggle. But I am here to share those vulnerable moments and successes with you throughout my journey so that you know you are not alone.

Always be mindfully you,



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