• Amanda Pizzoferrato

Using Social Media Mindfully & Joyfully

Anyone else find themselves scrolling for hours on Instagram without even realizing, diving deeper and deeper into the social media vortex? What I have realized is, I always feel super anxious and overwhelmed after and beat myself up for being unproductive. (I’m sure you can all relate!!) So this week, I decided to be mindful of how I am spending my social media time.

Social media does NOT need to be a negative thing. It’s all about how we use our time when on it. There are a lot of benefits like connecting with friends, giving you a good laugh, educating yourself, providing value to others, etc.

So here are my tips that have helped me make the best use of social media this week!

Unfollow any accounts that don’t spark joy - Yup I’m going all Marie Kondo on you. When viewing an account, truly ask yourself does this spark me joy or make me feel overwhelmed? If the latter… unfollow!! You don’t need that negativity.

Follow accounts that provide you value and spark joy - Does this account make you laugh, feel joyful, educate you?

Limit your time on social media using screen time - Set a time limit on your phone for how much screen time you want to allow yourself each day. You can also set specific times of day for when you can use social media.

Visit social media with intention - Before going on social media, ask yourself why am I going on? Do I need to learn something? Do I want to connect with a friend? Do I need a good laugh? What value is going on social media providing me right now? If you can’t answer these questions, do not go on!

Be mindful when scrolling and notice how you are feeling - as your scrolling take notice of how your body is feeling. Does it feel light, joyful, excited? Does it feel tight, overwhelmed, and anxious? When you notice signs of anxiety, get off.

Take one full day off - for one day completely remove yourself to give your mind a clear day from no distractions.

Go easy on yourself if you go off the social media radar - it happens! Remind yourself you’re human and we all do it.

♥ Amanda

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